Cats and Foxes
Cats and Foxes
Studio Cats and Foxes
Location Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France
Team Nicolas Gauville, Jimmy Etienne, Clélie Amiot, Paul Loisil, Melissa Argueil, Chloé Matina
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Supports Incubateur Lorain, Inria Startup Studio, Peel, EastGames
Description Cats and Foxes is an independent video game studio founded in Nancy by Nicolas Gauville and Jimmy Etienne.

After completing their theses in computer science, Jimmy and Nicolas decided to create the studio to develop games aimed at promoting positive and caring social relationships and creativity.
Our studio is built on five ethical pillars. We consider inclusivity to be the central pillar of our project, as we aspire for every individual to feel represented and fulfilled within our virtual world. This means that we are committed to providing the opportunity for everyone to freely express their sexual orientation, skin color, and disability, whether visible or invisible, without fear of judgment or discrimination. We also aim to make our games accessible to everyone, including support for controllers adapted to motor disabilities, dyslexia-friendly colors and fonts, and more. Helping our players establish social connections and overcome loneliness is also one of our main motivations, and we strive to design games that promote social interaction and compassionate interactions, particularly through our research activities. We firmly believe that video games are an exceptional tool for promoting health and education, and we emphasize hidden learning, an effective pedagogical method that integrates perfectly into the context of video games. We also have a responsibility to protect our players, especially the younger ones, from inappropriate content or interactions and addiction. Finally, we aim to develop fun and educational games without creating platform-based purchases, and we commit to never including cryptocurrencies and NFTs in our games.
Title VirtualSociety
Genre Bac à sable multijoueur
Platforms Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Switch, Meta Quest, Steam Deck
Release date Late 2024
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Description VirtualSociety is an online game where players can create and explore customized worlds. From the terrain to the buildings, characters, and quests, everything is in the hands of the players. They can play alone, with their friends, or join a community that is open to everyone. The game promotes creativity, socialization, inclusivity, and entertainment. Avatars are customizable to reflect the diversity and individuality of the players. Whether it's for fun, education, or specific uses such as events, businesses, or the medical sector, VirtualSociety offers a rich and captivating virtual world.
Running Guys
Title Running Guys
Genre Action, multijoueur local
Website Page Steam de Running Guys
Platforms Windows
Prochainement : SteamDeck, Switch, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux
Release date March 21, 2023
Description Running Guys is a chase game for 2 players in local multiplayer. In Running Guys, a police officer must catch a thief who is trying to escape by exiting the screen before running out of money (time).
Running Guys was developed by Jimmy Etienne and Maxime Gourgoulhon about a decade ago using the Blender Game Engine. We are now remaking it with the Unreal Engine and will soon provide an update with new maps, game modes, and compatibility with more platforms. The sources of the original game with the Blender Game Engine are expected to be made open source once the new version is distributed.